What is Katsue?

Katsue is a project with a long-term vision, we want to create a strong and united community, generating sustainable profits for all our community members.

What is the total supply?

Total supply is limited to 2000 NFTs.

What is the minting price?

Due to not stable market, we will determine the minting price 1-2 weeks before the actual launch date.

How can I enter the whitelist?

By being active in our community or by joining multiple daily giveaways in our Discord and Twitter pages.

What blockchain is the project built on?

Solana blockchain.

Are Katsue part of the Metaverse?

Yes, we will be building our Metaverse on Solana blockchain with the help of our lovely community!

Where the project is going to get listed?

Magic Eden and Open Sea.

Does the NFT have any Utilities?

Of course we do! Check our Roadmap for more detailed info.